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Upholstery Cleaning

“Clean your furniture, mattresses, cars and more!

Not Afraid of Dirt#

Are you tired of looking at your dingy upholstery?  Restore the soft feel and vibrant color.  Get it steam cleaned using the best process in the industry.  Our state of the art system will sanitize and remove all soil from your upholstery using only natural minerals and pure filtered water. Dont buy a new couch or sit on a dirty one.  Let Valley Pro show you the best that can be done for your upholstery.  It will be clean, soft, and dry in just a matter of hours.

"Dont Buy New Furniture - Renew It "

Powerful All Natural Cleaning# 

Our all natural cleaner leaves your upholstery free of residue.  In fact, it has no soaps, no detergents, no surfactants and no harmful ingredients.  It is non-toxic and non-allergenic.

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