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Our mission since 2010 has been to achieve A+ Customer satisfaction.  We focus on offering quality workmanship, providing helpful service, and providing an amazing value. These three factors will achieve A+ customer satisfaction. We are more than just a carpet cleaning service, we hope Valley Pro can be the company you are excited to tell your friends and family about.  After each job we leave with the goal and hope that your day is better because we were part of it. "Like a Breathe of Fresh Air"#


Andrew Webster


After graduating from BYU-Hawaii and cleaning carpets on Oahu to support his way through college Andrew decided to start Valley Pro.  He utilizes his Accounting Degree to help manage his business.  He strives continually to make Valley Pro better.  He takes pride helping his clients become raving fans with his cleaning abilities.  His hobbies include cleaning, music, outdoor recreation, movies, and bird watching. He has an amazing wife and 2 special boys Axel and Truman.

Master Cleaner

Head of Cleaning

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Sensei Clean

Head of Advertising

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