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Carpet Cleaning

“Get an amazing service -   clean and dry carpets with no chemical smell”

Residue-Free Always

When we say the "Cleanest in the Valley"  - we mean it.  We use pure natural minerals and filtered steaming hot water to clean and sanitize your carpets.  Our amazing solution always leaves your carpet soft and smelling naturally clean.  A great choice for kids, pets, and those with chemical sensitivities.  Carpets are clean and dry in just hours. 

Gold Rated Steam Cleaning

“If you want to take care of your traffic areas, spots, and odors call the best.”

Not Afraid of Dirt #

Are you ready to do something about your traffic areas, spots, and odors?  


Use a company that takes pride in giving you the best quality of service.  Our equipment is Certified Gold for soil removal by the Carpet And Rug Institute.  Steaming hot water and maximum vacuum rinse away anything that was not part of your carpets when they left the manufacturer.  In fact, carpet mills recommend steam cleaning as the #1 method to retain warranties, properly maintain and extend the life of your carpets. Other methods can void the warranty, distort the fibers, and drastically shorten the life of your carpet. 


Are you ready for the best steam cleaning in Heber Valley?  Call Valley Pro today! 

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